How to Supercharge Your Work Experience on Your Resume/CV

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Your resume/CV is your chance to make a lasting first impression, and your work experience section is the heart of that story. But with so many applicants, how do you make your experience stand out? Don’t worry, we’ve got the magic formula to **supercharge your work experience** and land you that dream job interview.

Why Work Experience Matters

Studies show that hiring managers prioritize strong work experience. It’s your proof of what you can do, not just what you say you can do.  Especially in competitive fields like medicine, law, or engineering, relevant experience can be the golden ticket. 

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Crafting Impactful Work Experience Entries

Now, let’s get down to business! Here’s how to turn your experience into a compelling narrative:

Action Verbs & Achievements: Ditch the boring “responsible for.” Use powerful action verbs like “spearheaded,” “increased,” or “streamlined” to showcase your accomplishments. Don’t just list duties – quantify your contributions! Did you boost sales by 15%? Streamline a process that saved the company $10,000 a year. Numbers speak volumes!

Tailoring is Key: Your resume/CV is not a one-size-fits-all document. Tailor your work experience entries to each specific job description. Highlight the skills and experiences most relevant to the position you’re applying for. 

Show Your Growth: Did you take on more responsibility over time? Did you get promoted? Show your career progression! This demonstrates initiative, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.

Transferable Skills: Your Secret Weapon

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Even if your past experiences aren’t directly related to your desired role, you likely have valuable transferable skills. Think leadership, communication, and problem-solving – these are essential in almost any job!  Highlight these skills and explain how you used them in previous roles to showcase your adaptability. 

Keywords: Get Noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Many companies use ATS to screen resumes. Research industry-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your desired role.  Subtly integrate these keywords into your work experience descriptions, but remember – clarity and authenticity come first!

Tell a Story with Impact

Ever heard of the CAR method? It’s a powerful framework for crafting impactful descriptions.  

Challenge: Briefly describe a problem you faced in a previous role. 

Action: Explain what steps you took to address the challenge.

Result: Quantify the positive outcome of your actions. Did you solve the problem? Did you improve efficiency?  

By showcasing specific examples of how you tackled challenges and delivered results, you demonstrate your value as an employee.

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Boost Your Resume with Extra Help

Feedback is Your Friend:  Ask a mentor, colleague, or even a professional resume writer to review your resume/CV. Their feedback can be invaluable in identifying areas for improvement.

Online Resources: There are tons of online tools and resources dedicated to optimizing resumes/CVs. Use them to refine your work experience descriptions.

Network & Learn: Attend industry events and informational interviews.  Gain insights into specific expectations and preferences that you can integrate into your work experience section.

You also need to know How to write the best Summary/Objective for Resume Success

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Avoid These Resume Don’ts!

Overstuffed Resume: Keep it relevant! Don’t include outdated or irrelevant work experience. Focus on the experiences that showcase the skills and experience the employer is looking for.

Missing Details: Don’t just list your job title and company. Provide context and quantify your achievements. What did you do? What impact did you have?

Outdated Information: Does your resume reflect your current career goals? Regularly update your work experience to highlight skills and experiences relevant to your desired career path.


A strong work experience section is the backbone of a winning resume/CV. Leverage the strategies we’ve outlined to transform your work experience into a compelling narrative that showcases your skills and achievements. Remember, a well-crafted work experience section can be the key to unlocking exciting new job opportunities!

Polish your resume with these newfound insights! We’d love to hear your success stories. Share your feedback and let us know how revamping your work experience section helped you land your dream job!  And if you’re still looking for some extra help, we’ve got some additional resources to share – just let us know!

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